About the Maker

Jack Coobs dreamed of becoming an artist and studied painting at art schools in Sarasota, FL and Cleveland OH. He then turned his attention to woodworking.

He spent ten years in apprenticeships at two North Carolina reproduction furniture companies, where he learned about the construction and finishing of fine furniture. Constantly striving to improve his skills, he took classes in the machinist’s trade to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision. He founded Coobs, Inc. and began to create one-of-a-kind furniture. These are now the prized possessions of many prominent families in the Charlotte, NC area.



Jack Coobs guitar maker

He is now focusing his talents on the construction of stringed instruments. In Jack’s words, “Building musical instruments is the ultimate woodworking challenge. You can build a beautiful instrument, but if it doesn’t sound good, you have wasted your time.”

People familiar with Jack’s furniture and his guitars agree that he has definitely achieved his dream of becoming an artist.

–by Howell Peterson, from Evolution of a Woodworker, Woodcraft company newsletter.

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I am so honored to be sponsored by Coobs Guitars and even though the builder Jack is my Dad I wouldn’t chose any other guitars to play.  I’ll put it like this…if I hadn’t been born into The Coobs Guitar Family then you can bet that I’d be begging and pleading to own one. I am blessed beyond measure to own 3 custom guitars, 2 acoustics and 1 hollow body. His years of building intricate custom furniture gives him an amazing talent for creating beautiful looking instruments — they are stunning. But these guitars aren’t just pretty to look at. My Dad has a unique talent for picking just the right pieces of wood to give each guitar immaculate tone and the right balance between brightness and warmth. People are constantly coming up to me after my shows and asking about my guitars and I love getting to spread the word.

Reeve Coobs

singer/songwriter, reevemusic.com